#018- An Inspiring Story On The Power Of Faith

Draupadi KrishnaThere is a beautiful story in the ancient Mahabharat scriptures about Draupadi, the beautiful and powerful wife of the Pandavas, and a whole-hearted devotee of her lord Krishna.

During her many adventures, there was one particular episode where she had been dragged into an evil King’s castle and thrown into the middle of a packed courtyard.

Here she was ridiculed and tormented by so many of the King’s noblemen, and as a final insult, the brutes decided to strip Draupadi of her clothing in front of the entire audience.

Draupadi held on to her saree (a long Indian traditional dress), for as long as she could, but the strength of the soldier pulling it away became too overbearing for her.

In sheer desperation, she remembered her Krishna, and called out his name as an absolute last resort for any kind of help. Krishna never came, and her grip on the saree was loosening fast. She carried on calling from the depth of her heart, still holding onto her saree with every ounce of strength she could muster; yet still her Krishna never came.

Draupadi was almost about to pass out as she could no longer hold on.  She finally gave up all her efforts, and resigned herself to having her dignity completely stripped, with the whole city watching on.

At that moment, Krishna appeared, and turned her saree into a never-ending robe, so no matter how many times her perpetrators pulled away at her saree, the dress kept unfolding further and further with no end in sight. Finally, the soldiers gave up in sheer exhaustion, as they were unable to pull the saree off her, no matter how many times they tried.

A few days after the incident had passed, Draupadi met Krishna, and with fury scolded him for not helping her when she first cried out for help. Krishna replied by telling her that when she first called out for the divine, she also kept her hands firmly on her saree. Her ego was not ready to fully submit itself to the divine, and her faith was not strong enough to trust Krishna to come and save her.

It was only when she lost all sense of hope, that her ego had finally loosened its grip on her saree, that her heart allowed space for the divine to enter and work its charm. Only then, could Krishna make his appearance and fulfil her every need and desire.

This story is quite complex, as it demonstrates the power of absolute faith without holding on to any level in doership in one’s actions. Yoga teaches us to unite with our infinite consciousness, and access our unlimited powers, yet to do so, our egos must not block the passages for this great power.

However, yoga also teaches us to always be 100% in the moment, and to always give our full efforts with every action we undertake. The subtlety lies within working with a strong level of conviction, yet still allowing space for the divine to enter your life.

Though Draupadi was giving her 100% in holding onto her saree, she had not surrendered her ego to her actions, and thus, was not able to draw upon her infinite powers. Only when she had lost her sense of doership connected with her actions, did the divine appear and help her in her hour of need. Faith beyond reason is what sees us through any given situation in life.

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  1. Hari says

    WOW …Simply superb! Im actually speechless , you have captured the essence of this age old story so well . So true – We need to completely surrender to the Divine with full faith – mind blowing

  2. shabina says

    Hi Sanjib
    Wonderfully explained……..We all this truth but its dificult to put it to practice.such explainations constantly remind us to have complete faith in the omnipresent. Thanks for this reminder.Looking forward to many more.

  3. Manish Oceanic says

    for me krishna is the most mysterious, complex yet funny n simple charactor we know… good story n i hope u’d give some more stories of krishna..

  4. sushma says

    Good one.Heard it from Guruji and many others. But now, it came just at da right time.Itz amazing how god talks to me thru ppl I barely know.

  5. vijai lugani says

    i have never thought of it, one has to give himself wholly to god than god takes care of him as gita also says like that.

  6. Rekha Malhotra says

    hi sanjib …i read this articled n it was so impressive..
    u know i was born on same days as Krishna’s birth…i mean it was Janmasthmi wen i was born…so i always have faith in krishna..
    but sometimes d same happens that we think that why Krishna is not helping us n make us suffer a lot…but dis is true that wen we surrender our selves fully…then only divine comes for our help…i was just passing through this kind of phase only ..when i realised there is no hopes at all ..so much of frustrations ….n surrendered completely ..then Only it happened that i hear a voice from u …looked like it is a voice of Krishna
    who came to help me to b out of d sea of miseries n depression…n see d life from a different angle…Thanks to Krishna …for giving me opportunity to b part of this group….n thanks to You for calling me to join dis….(:(:

  7. Shalini Soobrayen says

    I’m from Mauritius. I liked your interpretation very much. The local TV here runs ‘Mahabharat’ and what you interpret passed on TV recently. You have explained it very well. I make a must that my kids (6 & 3 yrs) understand the values and the meaning. Thank you. Keep it up.

  8. Anuroop says

    Though the story was inspiring dropping the doership is most difficult and easier said than done. So at the end of the day, surrender grows but dropping it ALL becomes another CONCEPT.

  9. Gauri says

    Dear Sanjib

    We have so much spirituality in India, and one of the highest levels of atrocities against women. I was discussing this very same incident with a group of people recently.

    My own take on this particular incident: I wish Draupadi had held on to her ego in the palace itself when the messenger came, and refused to leave the palace. When forced by the messenger, had she surrendered, then Krishna should have helped her escape the palace to her father’s kingdom.

    From there she should have given a show cause notice to Bhishma, Dronacharya and Dhritarashtra as to why they should not be attacked for failing to uphold the dignity of a queen and a woman. She should have issued notice to her five ‘valiant’ husbands as to why she should remain their wife. On their failure to respond, she – accompanied by Krishna – should have attacked with a full scale army to capture Kurukshetra, to uphold a Dharma that recognises the rights of women….

    That would have been a real Mahabharat – and a real change in the status of Indian women. With Krishna completely supporting the right of a woman to defend her dignity — against Kings and Husbands even. She would have been an Ideal Hindu woman.

    My intention is not to provoke. The realities of Indian women, who are not so fortunate as to read your post, are what motivate me to write what I have.

    Having said this, I do agree your argument has been beautifully put…..

    • Nirmala says

      hi gauri,
      understand your anger .As u say thats how we expect draupati to do, But I think these were plays played by the lord himself to destroy the adharma, where we know for clear even saguni was a mere tool of Lord Krishna. so we all r his tools to bring about some important message to world or to make dharma win forever.

  10. Nirmala says

    When draupati no longer could help herself(she was holding the saree with her hands which means she didnt submit herself entirely to Lord Krishna). But when she decided to give up the trust on herself and submit herself entirely to Lord, Lord came into action and did the needful. So Hinduism says rather trusting yourself, submit yourself entirely to the lord and he will take you in the right path

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