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Hi, my name is Sanjib Mukherjee and I am the founder of My Wisdom Club. As a welcome and thank you for visiting our website, I would like to offer you a few powerful gifts!

Bonus Gift 1 – Ultimate Freedom Blueprint Video Training

Sanjib6Discover the exact step by step blueprint I developed to go from being a struggling entrepreneur, working crazy long hours, being totally overwhelmed and not achieving any major results to rapidly creating a powerful global coaching venture.

I now enjoy massive business growth whilst having total freedom of time and true inner happines. For your own transformation, watch the video I put together for you.

Bonus Gift 2 – 10min Meditation mp3

About MeditationInstantly attain a calm, laser focused mind and become completly reenergised by listening to my 10minute guided mp3 meditation.

I recorded the track in a professional studio and the result is an amazing mp3 you can download and immediately benefit from.

Bonus Gift 3 – My Wisdom Club Membership

Tribe membersJoin a growing tribe of 30,000+ like-minded winners and receive all my wisdom posts, empowering you to increase your wealth, freedom and spiritual happiness.

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