About-SanjibHi, My name is Sanjib Mukherjee and I am the founder and CEO of My Wisdom Club, a powerful tribe of elite entrepreneurs and industry leaders from across the globe.

Our mission to is bring together a like-minded tribe of high level achievers and to to help them raise their game even further, to create a truly inspirational life of abundant wealth and deep indestructible inner happiness.


How This All Started

After completing my Masters degree in International Marketing, the idea for this venture began in London where I held a number of senior Business Development roles during my corporate career (Johnson & Johnson, Nortel Networks, Aventis & several management consultancy assignments).

I rapidly became known as the go-to guy for solving complex business problems, due to my ability to create absolute simplicity and clarity for any given situation. In particular, I excelled in giving everyone a clear focused strategic roadmap for attaining super fast results, whilst completely removing any feelings of overwhelm or confusion. This not only gave my contemporaries a powerful sense of confidence and renewed energy, but also a deep sense of freedom as they now knew the exact steps they need to take to reach their desired business goals.

At the same time of delivering these rapid business results, I noticed so many of my contemporaries (entrepreneurs, executives, etc) were also struggling to keep a control over their mind and emotions, whilst driving hard to achieve their success. Overwhelm, self doubt, baggage from the past, slow results, lack of focus, no freedom of time, loneliness, unfulfilled potential and having no-one to communicate with were just some of the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

These harmful effects went way beyond affecting their business – they also took a toll on their health, family relationships and overall happiness. Somehow no one was able to combine peak performance at work alongside deep inner happiness and a true sense of fulfilment and freedom from within. This is when I went beyond my business remit and subsequently added an additional component to my coaching.

I have been a lifelong student of spirituality and Vedic wisdom (with over 30 years of study with numerous gurus from across India), where a complete understanding of the mind and emotions has been documented for over 5,000 years (no other coaching can lay claim to such time- tested proven results).

My strong spiritual background ensured I could help colleagues keep a total control over their mind and emotions, which not only made them more powerful leaders in the workforce, but also a lot happier and fulfilled in their personal lives. Meditation, mindset strategies for controlling your thoughts, wisdom to overcome any problems in the mind are all second nature to me as I have devoted my life to this area of study.

At this point, I also started working very closely with successful entrepreneurs, and literally within minutes of my coaching, I would help them a massive increase in wealth, productivity, freedom of time and most importantly, a sense of real contentment which comes when you know you are operating at your peak performance.

As the number of success stories from my coaching began to exponentially grow, the next organic step was for me to incorporate my work into a full time venture, and hence gave birth to My Wisdom Club.


What We Can Do For You

My Wisdom Club has now grown into a powerful organisation, guiding Elite Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders on how to quickly attain the clarity and confidence for super fast business results, whilst living with a deep sense of inner happiness & fulfilment.

Having now successful mentored numerous leaders from across the globe, I have developed a powerful, yet simple blueprint system which can help take you from a position of overwhelm, slow growth, frustration and  confusion to absolute clarity, focused direction, simplicity, confidence and the easiest strategic path to super fast business growth.

What separates My Wisdom Club from any other coaching is the speed at which you can get these results. In some cases, the transformations can happen in a matter of minutes.


Your Next Steps 

If your interest has been piqued by reading the above and you too would like to experience your very own transformation, I would like to invite you to view an exclusive 30 minute video training presentation I have put together. You will discover the exact steps you need to take to get the clarity and direction for super fast business growth, whilst living with a deep sense of fulfilment and indestructible inner happiness.

For a limited time only, I am also offering a bonus 10-minute meditation mp3 I recorded a short while back, to help you attain instantly attain a peak performance mindset.

To get immediate access to these gifts , simply tell us where to send them by entering your name and best email id on this page.

Once your details have been received, I look forwards to meeting you on the inside and helping you live the life you truly deserve!

Sending all my blessings,
Sanjib Mukherjee
CEO & Founder
My Wisdom Club.