How Would You Like Me To Personally Give You A Calm, Laser-Focused Mind, Rapid Business Success & A Life Of Abundant Personal Happiness …in just 30 minutes?

From The Desk Of Sanjib Mukherjee,

Dear Friend,

Sanjib MukherjeeI run a very successful coaching program where I personally work on a one-to-one basis to deliver massive results for my clients by giving them a calm, focused and confident mind. 

This enables them to rapidly achieve their business goals and more importantly, give them instant personal happiness and a deep sense of inner contentment.

I currently have an opening for a new person to join my exclusive advanced coaching, and if you feel that person may be you, then the following information may be of great interest.

You Take None Of The Risk

Here’s why.

The initial stage is for us to have a conversation (which will typically last for 30-45 minutes), where I will personally help you to remove any doubts you may currently be experiencing, and to immediately resolve any personal or business challenges you are facing right now.

I’ve been successfully coaching at the highest level for nearly 20 years, so I know how to get fast results.

During our call, I will do all the hard work for you… I’ll clear your mind completely and then give you the exact steps you need to take in order to the experience the happiness and clarity you seek, “right now”.

Once we have finished with the session and you are happy with the results, you then have 3 options to consider:

  • Option 1 - you are amazed by the instant results I give you that you decide you now have everything you need to proceed by yourself and create the life you truly desire. In this case, I sincerely offer you my blessings and would love to keep in touch to see how you are getting along.
  • Option 2 - you are amazed by your instant results that you decide you want to work more closely with me to help you actually implement your plan. You want to have me working alongside you, in the trenches and fighting your corner.

    This will help you greatly increase your focus and more importantly ensure a faster and smoother path to your success and happiness. I always over deliver for EVERYONE I closely work with, and rest assured, I will do the same for you.
  • Option 3 - you are so astonished by my charm and humour that you totally forget about your problems in the first place! In this scenario, I will get you to refocus as we continue on our call until you decide on one of the first 2 options :-) .

    Either way, you are in total control during the strategy call and there is absolutely no obligation to join my coaching program whatsoever.


This Is The Fastest Path To Controlling Your
Mind & Emotions That You Will Ever See!

Here’s how it works:

Once you submit your request for a strategy session below, we will get on a call and thoroughly go over your business and life to understand where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

By identifying the gaps you currently have, we will draw up an immediate plan to rectify any imbalance in your mind and to give you instant clarity and confidence so you can move forwards in a focused direction.

I have numerous ways of achieving such fast results, but everything we work through on the call will be bespoke to you, as no 2 people are ever the same.

Hence you can be assured that the solutions I give you will be totally relevant to your situation and more importantly, designed to help you achieve your breakthrough this very instant.

Just to reiterate, there is no charge for the strategy call, it’s totally free.

Why Is The Strategy Call
 Free, I Hear You Ask?

Well actually there are a couple of reasons.

Having dedicated my life to learning and understanding ancient wisdom, I now have an innate calling to teach people how to attain a calm, focused and happy mind this very instant.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see the confidence and spark in someone’s energy and aura after I have finished speaking with them. This truly makes me happy!

The second reason is that this is how I attract the most amazing people in the world to enter my coaching programs.

After our call, should you wish to sign up for a personal coaching program with me, we get to work straight away on creating the life you truly desire.

The vision of your higher self which you currently hold in your mind is what we seek to create in your actual reality. Your business strategy, personal relationships, health, spirituality, passions etc are all intrinsically linked to one element… your mind.

By gaining supreme mastery over your own mind (as opposed to your mind controlling you), you are in a position to instantly clarify every single goal in your life (with no confusion or doubts), design and execute a plan with absolute simplicity and take focused actions to manifest super-fast results and finally live the happy and productive life you have always dreamed of..

Why This Ancient Wisdom
Is So Amazing & Relevant For You

There isn’t a single problem that the early sages have not already discussed and resolved through the ancient scriptures.

If every problem in life is centred on the mind, then surely every solution must also be present in that same mind. On this premise, we are able to deliver amazing results at an astounding speed.

I have been born with a natural understanding of these scriptures, and indeed been a lifelong student of this ancient wisdom (now spanning over 30 years of study).

Also, having had a successful corporate career and flourished more recently as an entrepreneur, I truly believe I am best placed to impart all this ancient wisdom. You can not only implement my strategies straightaway, but also benefit with immediate results!

My clients include numerous top-level executives, elite entrepreneurs and professional artists and virtually all my work comes through referrals.

In fact, this letter is the first time I have actually told everybody about my coaching program!

As you can imagine, there will be a lot of interest (my tribe membership alone is over 30,000 people!), so if you are interested in working with me, I will need you to read the following:

My Offer Is NOT For Everyone,
But Here Is Who I Can Help:

As I am sure you can appreciate due to the intimate and personal way I will be working with you, I cannot accept everyone onto my program. That’s why I deliberately keep numbers to a minimum because it’s the only way I can ensure quality and rapid results for all my clients.

In order to qualify for a free strategy call with me, I will need you to review the criteria I have laid out below:

  • You must be absolutely committed to making a change in your life NOW and be open minded to receiving wisdom and changing your ways of the past. I can only help those with humility and a sincere desire to learn.
    As mentioned before, speed of implementation is the key component to any coaching I offer, hence why it’s very important for you to believe this very moment is the time for you to live your higher self.
  • You must be a person of great integrity with high standards you set for yourself. Honour is a big part of my coaching as I will help you to become the absolute leader you have always envisioned yourself to be.
  • You must already have momentum and be a go-getter. I am an extremely dynamic person who always strives for maximum transformational results with everyone I work with. It’s important that you too desire these same results fast, as I don’t want anyone delaying their success.
  • You must already have a degree of success in your business or personal life as much of my work is centred around helping high achievers create that extra 1% edge which lifts them above the competition and into a league of their own.

    Typically, once I give my clients a clear, focused mind, they are then in a position to achieve all their business goals at an astonishing pace. That’s why it’s important that if you were to join my coaching, you are already mentally prepared to take on this new level of success.
  • You must have good energy and a fun loving nature. All my coaching clients end up as very dear friends of mine and they also get to meet many like-minded people within my tribe.

    I only attract high calibre people who not only wish to raise their own game, but also take great delight in seeing others succeed. It’s very important that you also have the same magnanimous nature. [/list]

If You Meet The Above Criteria
Then Here’s What You Need Do Next

Assuming you have gone through this letter and read the above criteria then we are ready to speak about helping you make your very own rapid business and life transformation!

Now, you need to fill in and submit the coaching strategy form below.

It’s very simple and designed to give me an initial insight into what you are specifically looking for before we begin our conversation.

Here Is What Will Happen
After You Submit 
The Form

Your form will be reviewed very quickly and we will come back to you (within 48 hours at the latest) to arrange a time to speak either on Skype or over the phone.

At this stage, you will be requested to make a deposit of $97 which will be fully reimbursed straight after our call. This is just to ensure we filter out anyone who is not truly serious or committed to their transformational growth.

The call is entirely free with no obligations on your part at all.

To reiterate – the call will last 30-45 minutes and we will only discuss your problems and solutions with the sole intent of giving you a calm, clear and focused mind. We will then use this to resolve any personal or business challenges that you are currently facing.

You will leave the call feeling re-charged, re-energised and ready to take on the world!


I get booked up very quickly and due to the one-to-one nature of the program and the time I will spend with you, I can only open the coaching to a few people at a time.

If you wish to get the same kind of fast, transformational results I get for all my clients, then simply fill in the form below today so we can arrange to have a conversation asap.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and would like to take this opportunity to offer you my heartfelt wishes and blessings.

To Your Success!
Sanjib Mukherjee

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